Transfer Pricing

We have highly qualified team to perform various types of professional Transfer Pricing (TP) documentation reports including:

■ Functional Analysis
■ Financial Analysis
■ Company and Industry Analysis
■ Selecting TP Methods
■ Comparability Analysis

 In addition to TP planning, we provide advice on:
■ Preparation of the File of Full Discloser
■ Preparation the Local File
■ Preparation of the Master File

Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) – As BEPS Action 13 continues to be implemented by an increasing number of countries, it is imperative for businesses, especially large enterprises, to ensure that the narrative of the CbCR forms accurately reflect where the businesses functions, assets and risks are located, and does not suggest one that allows tax authorities to impute an alternative interpretation.

Our approach to transfer pricing is built to provide solutions that are clear, comprehensive, concrete and convincing. our experienced Andersen Tax professionals will help you solidify your transfer pricing position.