Esmat Shamloul

After completing his Bachelors of accounting in 1977, Esmat Shamloul obtained his Chartered Accountancy license and became a member of the Egyptian Society of Certified Accountants.

Esmat has more than 40 years of extensive tax experience between Saudi Arabia and Egypt; He worked for five years in Egypt and 33 years in Saudi Arabia. In 1989, Esmat joined the Ministry of Finance – The General Authority of Zakat and Income Tax (GAZT) head office in Riyadh. He continued with the GAZT until 2001. During his employment with the GAZT, Esmat acquired extensive knowledge of Saudi Arabian zakat and taxation regulations.

Esmat has experience working with numerous companies across different industries such as insurance, oil & gas, agricultural, energy & natural resources, service, industrial, banking and finance, information, and communications.

With the GAZT, Esmat handled complex zakat and tax issues before different levels of appeals. Esmat was responsible for reviewing the zakat and tax files of businesses from various industries. He was involved in finalizing assessments, conducting field inspections, reviewing objections filed by various multinational companies. He was also responsible for preparing and representing the GAZT before all appeal forums as the GAZT representative. He also performed the secretarial duties for the Preliminary Appeal Committee and was an active participant in dealing with Audit Bureau notes from the GAZT.

In 2001, Esmat joined zakat & tax department at KPMG Al Fozan & Partners and was involved in advising clients in their complex zakat and tax transactions, assisting clients in responding to GAZT queries, studying GAZT assessments and advising the clients for future steps, preparing memos for objections and appeals. Esmat is also involved in dealing with field inspections, obtaining favorable Advance Rulings from the GAZT, and successful claims of refunds for multinational clients.

Currently with Andersen, Esmat overlooks and advises on appeal cases that merge the two worlds of zakat and taxation to their legal counterparts. He provides consultation to Andersen’s legal department on taxation and zakat cases. He manages Andersen’s numerous clients to observe the best practices per the Saudi Arabian zakat and taxation regulations.